The Enthusiast Headquarters

“The Best People”

The humans of TDF are truly the best people on planet Earth. If you disagree, you’re wrong. Also, fuck you.


Whether inspired by the resident narcissist, the airplane expert, or the neighbor-feuding dumpster king; no debate escapes our time suck.

“Quality Promise”

TDF guarantees the lowest quality content on the internet. That’s something. More than nothing.

An internet forum full of, and run by, retarded kids who fancy themselves automotive enthusiasts. Most of them are spoiled white kids who drive 10 year old hand-me-down BMWs.

I had a technical question regarding my car, but the punks at tehdriven only threatened to rape me.

Ricardo Montoya

The Internet’s fasting growing Car Club Forum, inhabited by the funniest, ribald, irreverent group of automotive enthusiasts ever assembled on one site.

A site that is not for the weak of spine, nor humor. Prudes and Scientologists would not appreciate a site like this.

El Supremo

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